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“ Couldn't have pictured our new bathroom turning out any better."

Melodie P.

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Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi. The best facility for all your needs for bathroom remodeling in Corpus Christi TX. The best remodeling contractors Corpus Christi TX has to offer and services you can find.

This local Corpus Christi bathroom remodeling company offers all services you may need regardless of where you are at in the remodeling process. If you have questions, need bathroom remodeling ideas, or are ready to begin the process with your free consultation.

If you have found our site, you most likely have questions to begin the process. Questions like how much is a bathroom remodel, are there any bathroom remodelers near me, or who can do the best bathroom renovation in Corpus Christi TX?

We have answers to all of these questions and more! We are here to assist you in your Corpus Christi bathroom remodel in any way we can. Your first step was visiting our website to find answers. Next, give us a call and schedule your free consultation with zero risk to you!

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About Us

Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi has been assisting local Corpus Christi bathroom remodeling customers for years and we cannot wait to assist you as well. A bathroom remodel in Corpus Christi TX can feel overwhelming in the beginning. That is why we have procedures in place to help assist you through every single step of the process.

We established a set of principles that we feel help us stand out among other Corpus Christi remodeling contractors. We feel that following these principles during every customer interaction will establish trust and satisfied customers overall.

These principles are:

  1. Honesty
  2. Quality
  3. Fun

Yes, you read that right. Fun! We feel it is important for our employees to enjoy their work or the quality suffers. Each bathroom remodel in Corpus Christi TX is special and unique in its own way. We prefer approaching each remodel and situation as a fun problem to solve.

Quality should be an obvious quality to have in a company. But unfortunately, this is not always the case with companies for bath remodeling in Corpus Christi.

We always expect our employees to have fun and always give their all throughout the entire process. This is especially crucial during the actual construction phase.

Finally, we expect absolute honesty from our employees from the very beginning. Remodeling can have unexpected surprises and issues. This can sometimes bring the price up or force us to change our designs slightly.

Being honest as soon as problems arise can bring more trust between our customers and employees. We want you to trust our opinion should a complication present itself.

A bathroom renovation in Corpus Christi TX can also be quite the investment. That is one more reason we offer our free consultation. So we can be as transparent as possible from the very beginning so you know exactly what to expect from beginning to end.

Why Choose Us?

A bath remodel in Corpus Christi can seem like a lengthy process at times. That is why you need the very best company from the very beginning.

No matter the service you need, Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi has a service to help make it happen for you. If you need a small bathroom remodel, master bathroom remodel the size of the job won’t scare us away. If you need a simple bathtub remodel or bathroom shower remodel no job is too small for us to turn away from either.

We also understand the importance of the bathroom remodel cost. Unfortunately, some companies can take advantage of their customers in this aspect.

Some bathroom remodeling contractors will charge much higher than the average cost of bathroom remodel prices. Sure you can expect good quality work along with quality fixtures. But the high cost may leave you wondering if the remodel was worth the price tag.

Other bathroom remodeling companies may not charge much at all. Initially, this seems like such a win as a paying customer, right? Not necessarily. The cost needs to be made up somewhere. This can be made up in the form of low quality work or cheap fixtures that break quickly over time. If fixtures break, then that means even more money spent later down the road.

Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi believes in keeping a balance between these two. We strive constantly to keep our prices competitive. So you receive quality service and fixtures, all while not paying insane prices.

Whether you need a small bathroom remodel ideas or quality fixtures such as the best walk-in tubs Corpus Christi has available we can make it happen for you. The first step is to call us to schedule your free consultation and see how we can best work for you!

What to Expect

Before you meet with us for your scheduled consultation, we recommend finding themes and ideas of your own. What kind of bathroom would you like to have? What sort of mood or theme would you like to present?

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on your own there are a few things you can do to prepare. You can look through pictures in magazines, research online, or even review T.V. episodes about remodels.

Take some time to look and discover for yourself things you like and dislike. Are you fond of a lot of gray? Is there a specific kind of tile you seem to enjoy? All of these little things will help us to help you design the best bathroom for you.

When you come to your consultation, we will discuss your budget as well. What price range are you looking to work within? Are there any special requests you have such as moving a wall?

We will also need to visit the bathroom you wish to remodel and take measurements to prepare ourselves for the remodel. We will want to view the current state of the bathroom and look for any issues that may be problematic during the remodel.

Once the construction process begins it will end relatively quickly depending on the type of remodel. We will work with you and update you on progress throughout every step.

Bathroom Remodeling Services


Full Bathroom Remodel

If you find yourself looking at your bathroom and disliking every single part of it then we have a solution for you. Have you considered a full bathroom remodel? We can replace tile, fixtures, lights, and much more.


Bath Conversions

If remodeling an entire bathroom does not sound like something you are ready to commit to just yet then consider our bath conversions service. We can take that old tub and replace it with a brand you shower you chose yourself.


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you have a master bathroom then you understand exactly how much time you can spend in it. Whether you are preparing for your day or coming home to relax at the end of your day you will want a bathroom designed by you for you!


Small Bathroom Remodel

If you have a small bathroom in your house you would love to remodel consider our small bathroom remodel service. We can help you replace fixtures, lights, and even paint!


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

If you have become worried about getting in and out of your tub as a safety concern then consider walk-in tubs! When you are ready for your bath simply open the watertight door, step over a very low step and sit down ready to enjoy your tub as it fills. This is a great start to a remodel if safety is a priority in your life.


And More!

  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • And much much more!

About Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a city in Texas located on the Gulf of Mexico. Corpus Christi is home to the Texas State Aquarium which houses touch pools, an aquatic nursery, and a shark exhibit. Nearby, there is also a WWII aircraft carrier, the USS Lexington, which is now home to a naval aviation museum.

The unemployment rate is 4.3% while the national average is 3.7%. The sales tax rate is 8.3% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Portland
  • Robstown
  • Ingleside
  • Port Aransas
  • Taft
  • Odem
  • Gregory
  • Edroy
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I can do to prepare for my remodel?

The best way you can help us prepare for your remodel is to come prepared with some ideas of your own for your remodel. You can bring in pictures, or show us pictures online to help explain the theme and style you are wanting. The other way you can prepare just before the remodel is to remove anything from the bathroom that can move. Personal items, decor, and other items are best to have completely out of the way before we arrive to begin.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

This question is tricky as the price can change drastically. Depending on materials, fixtures, and bathroom size this can increase or decrease your overall price. This is just one more reason we offer our free consultation. So you can know exactly what to expect with absolutely no cost to you.

Is there a way I can create more storage space?

This is just one more way to have fun and be creative. One thing you can do is install a vanity with drawers and cupboards instead of the pedestal sink.

Customer Testimonials

I asked Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi to install a walk-in tub for my mother. She was beginning to feel unsafe getting in and out of the tub onto a wet surface. They came right out after choosing the tub and had it replaced so very quickly. Great work you guys!

Fredrick B.

I wanted to remodel my master bathroom and I would have to say it was a success. Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi helped me come up with more ideas during my consultation and their ideas were fabulous. It came out even better than I had originally imagined and I am glad I trusted their judgment.

Natalie K.

If you want a company that really knows what they are doing then hire Bathroom Remodeling Corpus Christi. They helped come up with some awesome ideas that I had not even considered for my bathroom remodel. Then when it came to the actual construction, they worked very efficiently and everything looks absolutely perfect. You guys are so awesome. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. My bathroom looks amazing.

James T.

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The best thing you can do for yourself is to call us! Call or visit in person with any questions you may have. We can also schedule you for your free consultation. Contact us today!

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